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  • Receive Calls & Texts

    Receive incoming calls and texts from anyone. Even those not using TalkU.

  • Cheap Calling Plans

    No monthly fee. No activation fee. No commitment. Save up to 90%! Free yourself from the phone companies.

  • Voicemail & Call Screening

    Visual voicemail with your own greeting. Call Block. Call Forwarding…and more.

  • Privacy Protection

    A TalkU phone number masks your real identity. Never leave your real phone number on the Web!

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  • Checking in daily
  • Watching video ads
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  • Inviting friends to join TalkU

Inexpensive International Calls

  • United States

    1 credits/min

  • China

    1 credits/min

  • Mexico

    1.1 credits/min

  • UK

    1.1 credits/min

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